Back From Chicago – May 29th

The boys were extremely happy to see us; they also had no qualms about showing us they were mad.  It was definitely a love hate deal which was tough because V and I were just getting over a little fight we had the last day of the trip.  We got over it pretty quick on the drive home from the airport, but our dreariness and agitated state didn’t help.  Hungover like a 21st birthday morning, secreting all sorts of hops.  It’s hard for me to let our boys see us like that.  We tried our best to be good parents, but we had to check the back of our eyelids.  This was a wasted day, but they understand us and know we’re the antithesis of perfect.

We bounced back with a furor on the 30th though.  Memorial Day was filled with so many fun activities (See: Step Brothers).  The boys knew it was coming too because they were wide eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.  We did the usual routine in the morning and got ready for the beach.  The beach is currently the unequivocal champion of the family.  We are a family that love and always smile with our feet in the sand; at least until we have to leave, and then it’s cry-town USA.  We packed up and headed to Oceanside beach, about seven minutes away.  We always veer towards the pier.  The pier is a long beautiful structure probably a quarter mile long.  At the end of it is an old house turned Ruby’s Restaurant, with a feel of a ‘50s diner.  It’s always packed during the spring and summer time, with people fishing off the side.  Today Liam decided he just wanted to frolic in the water, so that’s what entailed.  We paid for our tickets, with Liam’s money he’d tell you, and walked the 100 feet to the sand.  L&D were just babbling words of excitement and words of nothing.  We brought along our tools to make sandcastles, my boogy board that I impulse bought on one of my drunken days off of work, and my wonderful wife.  It was around 1000 and of course it was overcast and fairly nipply.  But that has never once stopped Liam from darting straight for the water.  He’s a straight baller.  He was born for the beach and outdoors.  David, not so much yet.  If I remember correctly Liam wasn’t much for the water at 18 months either though.  David is shy at first and stays on shore to dig a tunnel to China.  He might not be a fan of the water, but he absolutely loves the sand in-between his toes.  He does the funniest things.  He’ll run full blast and then just face plant on purpose, over and over again.  Each time with an explicit, “Uh-oh.”  Liam’s main idea of fun is throwing the wet sand back at the waves that are pushing it up shore.  He’s brave as can be.  I can … Read the rest

Single Dose of Hallucinogen May Create Lasting Personality Change – 09/29/2011

A single high dose of the hallucinogen psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called “magic mushrooms,” was enough to bring about a measureable personality change lasting at least a year in nearly 60 percent of the 51 participants in a new study, according to the Johns Hopkins researchers who conducted it.

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I will be a full stack developer by Dec. 31, 2016 – Trials and Tribulations

Here we go!  I’ve been saying I’m going to do this for some time now, but I’m getting too old to keep putting this off.  I’m already a little way into it, but not too far.  I’ve been programming off and on for as long as I can remember, but I never seem to get past basic loops.  C, PHP, JS; I start and never get any further than that.  Enough with the pleasantries.

Here’s home and it is code glory.  I was using another one at one time, but it costs money.  This one is FREE.  It is a community of opensource hackers that are there to help.  It is a full stack competency and recognized by a lot of employers.  The key to success?  Through the process, you help non-profit organizations build their websites up.  And with that, you get real world experience and a portfolio that WILL land you a job.  Sign up and start hacking.

The greatest thing about this?  There are plenty of meetups of fellow hackers, mostly weekly.  They’re their for questions or have a cup of coffee and shoot the shit.

They offer FE Dev (html, bootstrap), Javascript, Sass, React, Algorithm challenges, JSON, Node.js, MangoDB. The full stack cert requires 4 non-profit projects, and mock interviews.

I’ve completed bootstrap, JQuery and am almost done with algorithm challenges.  These suckers are tough until you finish them.  Then it looks so simple.


May 19, 2016

Starting off with some algorithm challenges.

  1. Seek and Destroy  – You will be provided with an initial array (the first argument in the destroyer function), followed by one or more arguments. Remove all elements from the initial array that are of the same value as these arguments.

Starting function

function destroyer(arr) {
 // Remove all the values
 return arr;
destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3);

Final Product


function destroyer(arr){
 var arr1 =;
 return arr.filter(function(element){
 return arr1.indexOf(element) === -1;
destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3);



Function destroyer only has one argument (arr) but the input destroyer([1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3], 2, 3); has three arguments.  In order to get a whole array, we need to use Arguments Object.  So, we create var arr1  using Arguments.  Now arr1 is a fully functional array, but we don’t need the full array; we need the inputs to filter out of arr[0].  Here we will use arr1.splice(0,1) Prototype.Splice which removes arr[0] from the array completely.  Now to the fun part.  We want to return arr without any of arr1 ‘s values in it.  Filter will create a new array that passes the test using the function(element).  Inside the function we have return arr1.indexOf(element) === -1 . This line is the fun part.  Here we do multiple calculations.

  1. arr1 = 2 and 3 (from the original splice)
  2. element = [1,2,3,1,2,3] – The happens because it is “linked” to Array.prototype
  3. *Important note.  indexOf(element) will return -1 if the value is
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LSD, DMT, Psilocybin, Marijuana, Alcohol – America’s ignorance is not bliss

Source: Erowid
Status ScheduledScheduled Scheduled ScheduledOver the Counter, Age RestrictedScheduledAmbiguous
Schedule I Schedule I Scheduled I Contains Schedule I Chemical Schedule IUn-ScheduledSchedule IMay contain Schedule I Chemical
ClassificationHallucinogenHallucinogen Hallucinogen HallucinogenN/AHallucinogenHallucinogen
Legality *Check Facts. *Check Facts 2015 – Used in clinical trials in microdoses to treat symptoms of depression Will be federally legal soon enoughNo Issues since Al CapoFirst arrest in 2005; conspiracy to import*Check Facts

Nixon had his reasons for starting the drug war.  Forty five years later, America is split down the middle, submersed in controversy on the topic.

“America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse.  In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive(Sharp, 1994, p.1).”

Anyone with some common sense knows this could be true.  Drugs and alcohol ruin lives, families, and other facets of life.  Whole families are demolished due to an arrest of an American in possession of a controlled substance.  However, anyone with any common sense should also know this war on drugs has been an utter failure.

“If you want to fight a war on drugs, sit down at your own kitchen table and talk to your own children.”  -Barry McCaffrey

General McCaffrey’s message is so simple, yet appears to be lost in these modern times.  Have our nations parents handed off the responsibility of teaching their own children?  It’s almost as though we expect our government to educate us in our daily lives.  What person with a right mind would trust a government agency to inform and/or protect the future of the U.S. and its drug policy?  Affluence

Americans on both sides seem to forget (or choose to forget) that we are not other nations.  Our population is massive and extremely unique.  Comparing other countries social programs to the U.S. is unreasonable.  Affluence is influence and has a definite negative social impact in our system.


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Sales Interview

Talk about being figgitty and feeling like a pussy. You ever do the superman pose? That’s the state of mind I was in today. I’ve had beer and shot the shit with Admirals and Generals, but some part of my being was nervous of talking to whom? Some CEO of a startup company who couldn’t have been much older than I was. First off, I circled the building trying to find a parking spot in the middle of downtown San Diego. It’s lunch time, and I had 15 minutes before my meeting. I go around the Wells Fargo building once and end up back where I started; getting nervous now that I won’t make it on time. Stopped at a red light on a one way street, I look to my right and someone is about to pull out; perpendicular to me, two lanes across. I immediately do the most illegal car maneuver imaginable. I hit the R and crank my wheel to the right, reverse crossing over two lanes to end up right behind the nice lady about to leave her spot. Nobody was the wiser. I think, “This is going great so far”.  This spot is within throwing distance of the front door. Bam. I look at the parking meter. Bam. 25 minutes left. I pull out my credit card to pay for extra time, like the good citizen I am. Put the card in, hit one hour and get my digital approval. Wait. There’s only one hour total on the meter. Are you telling me they don’t add one hour onto the 25 minutes left? Fucking crooks. I have one hour to kill this conversation and prove my competence, what little I have. I look at my watch and notice my Outlook should have just sent an email to my current sales manager. Right before I left my run of the mill “IT Company” for this interview, I had told them my oldest kid was feeling ill and I may need to take him to the doctor. I always hate using them as an excuse, it seems like bad juju (this was taught to me by my wonderful, Mexican, wife). So I drafted up an email, hit the delay to send it no earlier than 12:30, and kicked rocks.

Wells Fargo Plaza, San Diego

The Wells Fargo building is a beautiful piece of architecture.  As I’m standing next to my car getting my tie and jacket on, I peer up the tower to the fourth floor.  I imagine a cubicle office with some nerds hacking away and phone dialing off the hook.  I hope my instinct is wrong.  I already do that shit.  There’s a reason why I’m here and it’s not to sit in a shitty white florescent lit cube.  I long for a change in atmosphere.  Right about here is where the aforementioned superman pose comes out.  Read it in some book or heard it on some podcast.  It’s supposed to give you the feeling … Read the rest